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Space Balls are used in the manufacture of solid wood panel doors.  They easily install into

the stiles and rails, with a fiction fit, insuring that they will not fall out during assembly. 

Once in place standard door construction is continued. Space Balls keep the door panel centered. 

No more problems with unsightly reveal lines if the panel

moves during the finishing process.

Space Balls will compress and expand.  They are made

of a rubber material that has a memory, returning

to it's original round shape.  Space Balls will float and

center door panels during seasonal humidity changes.

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Insertion Procedure 1/4" Space Balls

Insertion Procedure 5mm Space Balls


Insertion Procedure 3/16" Space Balls



Space Balls also eliminate annoying panel rattle.  Panel rattle occurs when the panel becomes

smaller with drier humidity conditions.  This shrinkage will allow the panel to shift and move in the

frame making a rattling sound.  When Space Balls are incorporated in the door frames, panels are

cushioned and always floating, avoiding panel rattle.  


Space Balls will also solve the problem of cracking glue joints.  During times of

humidity changes, if a panel door is made too tightly or the center panel is pinned to secure the panel,

wood movement will cause stress and cracking on the glue joints .  Space Balls will expand and contract

with wood movement protecting glue joints.  The recommended amount of Space Balls per door is 8 to 10.


Space Balls will cut out most major call-backs on solid raised and flat panel doors, which is where most

companies lose money.   Using Space Balls will keep your money in production.





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