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Insertion Procedure:

For 3/16 Space Balls

Space Balls need a minimum spacing of 3/32 per side. If you cut your stiles and
crossers, as you would normally do for your panel doors......then cut your panels
3/32" smaller on all sides, this will leave the minimum space for proper
installation and the Space Balls will be able to expand and contract as needed.

Please Note: If you are using a curved bottom dado slot this spacing
must be increased to a minimum of 1/8 on all sides

We recommend 2 balls per side ( possibly 3 if the door is very tall or wide). The
Space Balls will be compressed when the door is assembled and will expand and
compress with the movement of the wood.

It is advisable to keep the humidity
content of the wood under consideration when constructing your doors.


spaceball installation 3/16 flat bottom

spaceball installation 3/16 curved bottom

Flat Bottom Dado:
Example :   if the Rail measures
10 1/2  the panel should be         10 5/16
Curved Bottom Dado:
Example: if the Rail measures      9 the panel should be 8 3/4


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